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 Angus Young's Custom Made Guitar !

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PostSubject: Angus Young's Custom Made Guitar !   September 4th 2010, 01:57

Now this may not be a surprise to many of you but it was to me when i found out. On the Gibson website i was searching the custom made guitars and i found this, Angus Youngs Custom made Gibson SG!!
For those interested in learning the specs of the guitar i have provided you info from Gibson Website.

Close Up Body
- Species
The body of each Gibson USA Angus Young SG is crafted from solid mahogany, just like the original SGs of the ’60s. This classic tone wood has yielded some of the most sought-after tones in the history of rock.

- Design
The Gibson USA Angus Young SG follows the classic lines of the SG Standard. The SG has a thin, flat-topped body that both aids resonance and reduces the weight on the player’s shoulder. It’s beveled edges offer a timeless appearance, while its dual, slightly offset cutaways yield outstanding access to the neck’s upper frets.

- Average Weight
The total average weight of a Gibson USA Angus Young SG body and neck together, before pickups and hardware are added, is 4.95 lbs, which ranks it among excellent examples of the SG Standard, which are known for their lightness.

- Tonal Characteristics
Mahogany is a medium-dense wood with excellent resonance and superior sustain, and it offers a rich, round, warm tone, but with plenty of high-end sheen and good midrange presence. The mahogany of the Gibson USA Angus Young SG also lends a percussive snap and some added clarity to the tone of the guitar.

Neck and Headstock
- Species
The neck of the Gibson USA Angus Young SG is constructed from one piece of solid, quarter-sawn mahogany.

- Truss Rod
Gibson’s traditional truss rod, found in most all of our guitars, is highly responsive to the individual adjustments you’ll want to make to personalize and optimize string action and sustain.

- Profile
The neck on the Gibson USA Angus Young SG is carved to Angus’s own requirements and models the super-slim, yet extremely comfortable profile of his own original ’68 SG Standard. It measures 0.775” thick at the 1st fret, and 0.850” thick at the 12th.

The control knobs on the Gibson USA Angus Young SG are Gibson’s black witch-hat knobs with silver inserts, found on many vintage and modern Gibson guitars.

Full Body
- Tone Controls
Each pickup on the Gibson USA Angus Young SG also has its own individual tone control, which consists of a high-quality non-linear 500K potentiometer, coupled with a .0223mf capacitor, for a smooth and gradual roll-off of the pickup’s treble content.

- Toggle Switch
The Gibson USA Angus Young SG features one three-way toggle switch made of stainless steel with cream plastic tip and cream trim ring, which acts as the instrument’s pickup selector. In the down position, only the bridge pickup is active. In the middle position, both pickups are active. In the up position, only the neck pickup is active.

- Output Jack
The guitar features a 1⁄4” output jack made by Switchcraft. Its super heavy duty construction holds your guitar cable securely in place.
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PostSubject: Re: Angus Young's Custom Made Guitar !   September 4th 2010, 04:38


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Angus Young's Custom Made Guitar !
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