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 Adding Custom Songs To GH3 PC

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PostSubject: Adding Custom Songs To GH3 PC   May 30th 2010, 03:39

Part I: Patching to v1.3
Download These:
v1.3 Patch

For the ones who got the game pirated after installation do not put a crack in there yet.

Secondly :
After the game has been installed

After you have downloaded all of the stuff i gave links for follow these steps.

1. Uzip the v1.3 patch find the exe then run it

2. Once The patch has been installed it is now time for the crack (aka the second link)
unrar find the gh3.exe copy it go to your gh3 installation folder and paste. You can now run gh3

Part II : Adding Custom Songs
First Off Download GHTCP Link

1. Unzip and install ghtcp

2. now is the fun part Very Happy open ghtcp wait for the agreement thing to pop up then click i accept this should pop up

4. now click file>open game settings

5. Then click on whatever language then click ok

6. Now it should look like this..

7. now you see the tab at the top were it says which setlist you want to put it in
should look like this...

8. now decide which setlist you would like to put it in i prefer download so i click on the tab that says download...

9. ok now that were in the download section add how many songs you would like to start off with

Time to add the song now what you are gonna do is click add>newsong now a screen like this should pop up...

10. next next to were it says song name just type in the song that you are going to put in (no capitals) alright im going to be putting in nickelback leader of men what i'm going to need is a chart/mid file and for the audio mp3/ogg

11. Now it's time to load the audio so lets concentrate on the top half for right now leave everything like i have it in the pic..

now click the browse button to locate your song mines on my desktop so i click on desktop then find my song folder....

now locate the audio inside the folder mines going to be a ogg

then click open.
Now that you have it loaded it should look like this..

12. Now time for the note file remember it has to be a mid/chart file so now lets concentrate on the bottom half..

click the browse button on the bottom half then locate the chart/mid file

click open the bottom half should now look like this..

now dont change anything unless you know what you are doing i just leave it the way it is now click apply

Now a screen like this should pop up...

enter the info for the song like i did above (just a tip add a comma after the name of the band so it won't look smushed together in game). Now you can also change the singer thats about all i change though now scince it's nickelback ill choose male we wont worry about the rest of it right now just click apply.

13. Now it should be in the song list.....

find your song...

now click and drag the song over to the tiers songs section.

Now click apply tier changes...

then click file>execute actions...

now when the message pops up the says are you sure you want to execute these actions press yes now this should pop up...

now wait until it's done all the way then click close..

Now if you did everything right the song should be in the downloads section on your setlist. Hope this tutorial helped i will post how to change gfx settings later peace.

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PostSubject: Re: Adding Custom Songs To GH3 PC   May 31st 2010, 01:14

Nice tut man. Id be on chat right now abut intert = gay

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Adding Custom Songs To GH3 PC
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